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About Us

Atlanta Elementary School


Welcome to Atlanta Elementary School!

Vision: Where students achieve by being inspired to dream, challenged to think, encouraged to try, and
equipped to succeed; where teachers are learners and leaders; where parents and community join the campus
in learning and have supportive partnerships; where all stakeholders and learners are celebrated as they work
toward their dreams.

Mission: Atlanta Elementary will provide an exceptional education for all students in a quality environment
which develops citizens who are Responsible, Ethical, Literate, Competent, and Productive.

Beliefs: We, the members of the Atlanta Elementary community of learners, believe:

  • The learning environment will be a place of mutual respect.
  • The learning environment will be a safe place in which to take risks.
  • Our students are entitled to a learning environment that will be cognitively stimulating andchallenging.
  • Assessment is an on-going, multi-faceted process.
  • Teachers, administrators, and staff have the obligation to stay abreast of the research concerning children and how they learn.
  • The materials and methods will be responsive to needs, abilities, interest, and talents of the students.
  • Parents, students, and teachers will be involved together in goal setting, implementation, and assessment of the educational program.
  • A consistency of expectations between home and school is necessary.

Motto: Work Hard, Dream Big, Get Gritty

Grades: 3rd – 5th

Enrollment: 449


902 ABC Lane

Atlanta, Texas 75551